1 Software Development

We develop applications for every platform you need:
  • 3D development
  • Artificial intelligence / Deep learning
  • Mathematical Programming
  • End user software for Android (apps), Windows (all versions, desktop or command line), Linux (Intel and ARM) or macOS
  • Consulting
Target platforms
No matter if Windows, OSX, Linux or even old systems like Win 3.1 or DOS, we can develop it for applications. Specifically, if you have old systems that you need software for, we can supply them.We have a wide array of virtual machines with any kind of operating system.
Of course, we can also develop apps for Android / iOS (with Java, C ++ or C# via Xamarin) and if your target platform is the web we use PHP + MySQL + jQuery, if performance matters is, we can also develop with C ++ websites / services.
AI Development
Michael Staud is doing his doctorate in AI at the University of Ulm in the field of planning algorithms, but we also know a lot about Deep Learning, Optimal Control, Rule Based Programming, we use Google's TensorFlow Library, but we also like to work with other software is necessary.
3D Development
We are experts in 3D development and we have our own 3D engine as well as we can use third-party 3D engines.
Mathematical Programming
Do you have a complex numerical mathematical problem? We can develop applications in mathematical languages as well as develop solutions in programming languages such as C ++ or Java.
Good cooperation
The development of modern systems today is a more demanding task than ever before. Therefore, you need a reliable partner. I have more than 20 years of development experience starting with Basic, Pascal, Delphi and modern programming languages like C ++, Java or C #.
I studied at the University of Ulm, where I graduated with two degrees in computer science (diploma and masters) and got my master's degree in mathematics there in 2018. At the moment I am doing my PhD in Philosophy.
In my diploma thesis, I was involved in the search for gene mutation in DNA in the context of bioinformatics, and in my bachelor thesis in mathematics I developed a software that was used in a fluid simulation on NURBS surfaces.
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