4 Documentation

4.1 Tutorial

The controls are pretty standard for first person games (through you can also change into a third person perspective):
  • Mouse Left Place remove material or use current tool
  • Mouse Right Cycle through pen modes
  • W: Forward
  • A: Strafe left
  • S: Backward
  • D: Strafe right
  • Ctrl: Crouch
  • Space: Jump
  • E: Use key
  • R: Reload key
  • Tab: Open inventar
  • 0-9: Use defaults
  • F5: Screenshot
  • Esc: Exit game to menu
And you can change the view direction via the mouse.

4.1.1 How do I play this game?

  • Safe Zone: When you first start the game you are in a safe zone. In this save zone aren't any monsters. The radius of this area is 64 m. So fell free to start your camp here.
  • Weapons: Craft as fast as you can your first weapon: A stick
  • Crafting: Create an construction set to craft additional things. Note that you can also craft with the table and the 3D printer.
  • Smelting: There is no tool to smelt. Instead, place a block of wood on the ground. Then put a block of iron ore on the wood. Then use the lighter (you need to craft it) to set the wood on fire. The heat will then turn the iron ore into iron. Then collect your new iron.
  • Learn: Collect learning points and invest them to be able to place smaller blocks or to increase your technological level.
  • Electric Wires: You will need a certain technological level and a 3D printer to create them. Current is transported instandly, regardless how long your cable is.
  • Water: Yes it is supported now.
  • Dying: If you die you will lose your backpack. Collect it to retreive your items again. You will start again in the safe zone.
  • Carrying: You can only carry a maximum amount of weight.
  • Bed: Use a bed to sleep till the next morning.