In this article we have a list which contains all things which need to be done before the release of the next version. All things which are done are marked with a (X) and striked through. (1/2) means that it is implemented but not debugged.

Version 1.2.8 (upcomming version)


  • Create texture for carrots plant/potato plant/cabbage plant
  • Do we need blood particles when a zombie is hit (X)

Gameplay General

  • The animals should have their respective skins and meat in their inventory when looted (X)
  • Does the zombie spawn underground? (X)
  • Apply the zombie logic to the skeleton
  • Add icon for the hands (X)
  • Add icon for fish (X)
  • Add recipe for stone axe / stone pickaxe / stone shovel (X)
  • Test crafting of all tools (X)
  • Add recipes for new tools (X)
  • Arrange the models of the stone axe, stone pickaxe, stone shovel, snow ball, hand grenade, spear, blend grenade in first person and third person (X)
  • Does the animation logic for the new tools work (X)
  • We implemented rain, but sometimes it takes a very long time until it rains. Check it.
  • Build a shelter and fight in the night the monsters (X)9
  • Are the monsters too weak or are the weapons to strong (An AK47 kills a zombie pretty fast) (X)
  • Test new round movement algorithm of the monsters (until now they turn on a spot, we want to change it). (X)
  • Use the animal skins to craft cloths and armor (X)
  • Sometimes furniture “cries” when hit
  • Add logic for carrots plant/potato plant/cabbage plant
  • Add recipes for cookies, cakes, bread (X)
  • Add difficult levels modes (one with regeneration of health, one without regeneration) (X)
  • Add switch which disables undead for parent control (X)
  • Red deer is walking on water??
  • Zombie should not spawn in water (X)
  • Do animals die if they are underwater
  • Kill the player if he is in solid matter


  • The wolf should not bite into the air
  • Sometimes the zombie stands still and does not attack the player (X)
  • Change in pathfinding the step height (add jumping to monsters)
  • In one occasion the zombie did get stuck on a construction set. Repair it (X)
  • Sometimes the pathfinding algorithm stops and does not search any paths. This means that all monsters stand still (X)
  • Bear should inverse kinematic for leg movement (not in the next release)
  • Idle logic does not work (X)


  • Kill animals in Multiplayer
  • Connect up to 8 players to a server
  • Disconnect and kick players
  • And find additional multiplayer bugs


  • Regenerated Plugin Interface and test it (X)
  • Make a test plugin which adds a recipe for crafting iron out of iron ore (X)
  • The demo version seems to be broken, test it (X)


  • Lava

Legal Stuff

  • Add licenses of the new models to the game