We not only develop the game Synthetic World we also deliver services in the fields:

3D Development and Consulting

As we are game developers we of course know how to develop OpenGL and WebGL applications. We have our own self developped platform independent 3D engine. But we can also develop applications with third-party 3D engines like the Unity or the Unreal Engine. So if you need any services feel free to contact us.


You need artwork or 3D models? We are very experience with Blender. You need an animation? One member of our team studied biology. He certainly knows how to animate your 3D models so that it looks anatomical correct!

Web Development

We also can develop web sites, web applications or web services for you. We have experience with PHP, MySQL, Typo3 (+Plugins), WordPress (+Plugins) or Java Servlets.

You already have a web site and have a problem? Feel free to contact us!

Android Development


We are also experienced in the development of apps for Android. We can utilize native code to speed up your apps!

If you are interested you contact me and we talk about the what and when!

What we already developed:

  • 3D Engine
  • 3D Editor which is used to develop the game Synthetic World
  • Calculator for Android
  • Voxel Renderer for MRI Data
  • GPU driven image manipulation
  • An offline website generator
  • Automatic Code Generation System for C++
  • Multiple Typo3 sites
  • Multiple WordPress sites
  • Genom search software
  • Raytracer
  • Pixel Drawing Paint Program
  • Vector Drawing Paint Program
  • Plugin Interface for Application
  • Prolog Compiler
  • Pascal Compiler