StaudSoft’s Rapid Painter is a drawing application which combines vector and raster graphics. You can paint curves and effects on a raster image and change them afterwards. It is possible to apply your own effects and materials on the curves. Additional the program contains a texture synthesis algorithm, with which you can make your photos tileable. It also possible to use a mask to control the result.




  • Materials: Make your own graphic effects
  • Procedural texture synthesis
  • 3D lighting of the image
  • 8 Bit, 16 Bit, 32 Bit per color channel
  • Easily render in higher or lower resolutions (for high resolution result or fast preview)
  • Normalmap generation


  • No destructive operations (you can change everything afterwards)
  • Bezier curves, rectangle, ellipse, HTML based text rendering, floodfill, replace color
  • Animation
  • Particle effects (for fire, smoke, …)
  • Multiple Images in one file.
  • Clone objects
  • Grid, helplines, arrange, distribute


  • Asynchron rendering (continue to paint while the effects are calculated)
  • Context sensitiv GUI
  • The GUI is total configurable


  • Textures for 3D Simulation (3D Game Art)
  • Web graphics
  • Graphic design
  • Edit your photos