Update: New version 1080 released

We uploaded the new release 1080 to Steam! Except of the multiplayer mode all features are activated!

Here is the change log:

  • Updated start screen
  • Added weather system (cloud simulation)
  • Added rain
  • Navigation system for monsters
  • Speed improvements in nearly every part of the engine
  • Automatic LOD system (improves speed)
  • New “hand” tool
  • Stone axe, stone pickaxe, stone shovel
  • Crafting of iron out of iron ore (old method of smelting is still available)
  • Bear, wolf, sheep, red deer
  • Monkey which throws stones
  • Lot of new items and stuff which you can loot
  • Changed recipes for cloths so that you can use animal skins to craft them
  • Zombie
  • Chat system
  • Asynchron loading and saving
  • Lot of icons for the items
  • New sense system: You can hide in bushes
  • New AI and behaviour system
  • Lots of new weapons: grenade launcher, sniper, ak47, shotgun, machine gun, pistole, revolver
  • Damage of the normal tools updated (you can kill a sheep with a shovel)
  • Updated effect system (for weapon effects)
  • Improved explosive damage
  • New complex weapon logic (you can zoom, use different ammo).
  • Improvements in the physic system: Monsters adapt more to the ground
  • Jump and throw prediction (used for the wolf and ape)
  • Over 100 new monster sounds
  • Bug in the world generator which expanded the dungeons is resolved
  • Sun not rising bug resolved
  • New thread synchronisation system implemented which is much faster!
  • Automatic monster spawn system

You now start only with your hands. Additional tools can be crafted (stone axe with planks and stone). You should also create a shelter and a stick to defend yourself at night. Most monsters only attack at night.

The monster will not spawn near light sources. This is now similar to other games of this genre!

If you want a peaceful gameplay you can change it in the options menu in the main menu. This will change all to peaceful for all maps! You can of course remove the setting later if you want to have monsters again.

There are still some small issues:

  • We are not sure if the animation system is fast enough when there are too many monsters on the screen. There could be a performance drop.
  • On some models the lighting is not correctly rendered (especially on the pistole and on the red deer. This looks ugly, but we will correct it).

There is also a new demo version out and we also uploaded new versions for Linux and Mac!

Have fun!