Update: Up to 120 fps!

Hey guys, as you may have noticed we uploaded an update!

Here is the changelog:
– Complete new voxel renderer
– Up to 120 fps on our machines
– Multithreaded world generation
– Street and way generation
– Dungoen generation
– New improved inventory which reduced micro management
– Improved the speed of the physic engine by factor 10
– New thread library which improves speed
– User space synchronisation of threads (10 times faster than critical section)
– Improved speed of world generation
– New shapes which you can use to build
– Corrected errors in old shapes
– Update to recent version of bullet physic engine
– Updated to SDL2
– Memory manager which improves speed and reduces memory footprint
– Country generation
– Dungeon name generation (but I think the names aren’t displayed yet).
– New level of detail algorithm for landscape and dungeon
– Improved java plugin support / added hooks
– Improved speed of string class
– Improved speed of animation system
– Bug fixes in the animation system
– Master of Materials now use relief mapping
– Navigation Mesh
– Complete new generation system for buildings
– Castle template set
– Templates for the dungeon generator
– The normal tools now do damage on enemies

So you see we updated really a lot. The voxel rendering system is completely replaced. So if you find any bugs just post it in the forum.








But the biggest update is the improved speed of the game.