Tweet: Inventory improved and Zombies

We did improve the inventory:


When you now select a block you get an overview over all recipes in which it is used. You can not only go to the recipe you can also craft it directly by clicking on the buttons in the info view.


This is of course only possible if you use the correction tool.


And in the recipe view you get an overview over all ingredients and how many you already have. If you do not have enough material to craft the recipe the ingredients is displayed red.


And here you can see that you  can craft blocks by selected already made blocks of the same type.

And we also put the zombie in the game:


The green path is the navigation path of the zombie.


Here he is really near


Here he is too near. The pickaxe can hurt the zombie (in fact all tools will now do damage).

You will be abled to deactivate the zombies if you want to have a more suitable version for children for example.

Do you think that we should create a version with less blood? Is the zombie to scary?