Status Report: Pathfinding, Dungeons, Monkey

Hey here is only a short status report on what we are doing.

Artifical Intelligence:

  • Navigation Mesh: The game now creates a navigation mesh. It is also dynamically updated when you place a block or remove material.
  • Path finding: We also created an algorithm which finds a path on the navigation mesh
  • Path beautifier: The paths we get out of our new path finding algorithm sometimes look a little bit “unreasonable”. To make the paths more sensible we implemented an algorithm which smooths the path
  • Included in AI: We already included the path finding algorithm in our AI system.
  • Multithreaded Pathfinding: The complete algorithm works on a different thread as the main game. This means that the framerate is not affected by path finding.
  • Expandable: The system is implemented in a way so that we can easy expand it.
  • Behaviour Tree: We added new types of nodes to support more complex behaviour.


Yes we created a monkey. And we also applied animations to him:


Polygon Reduction:

As the polygon reduction of Blender is very good we create a Wavefront importer / exporter in order to bring meshes from the game to Blender and back. This will allow us to use Blenders polygon reduction algorithm on our human models. This means that more NPCs can be disabled for example in the upcoming cities.

Dungeon generation (still needs debugging):

  • Country border generation: This algorithm creates the borders of countries.
  • City position generation: This algorithm searches suitable position for cites and then creates a road network on the map
  • Dungeon Generator: We are currently working on a pattern dungeon generator. If this works the algorithm can created caverns, old ruins, mines or houses.

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