First version of the new fish

Here is a video of our new fish. It is the first example of our new monsters for our game. It uses the new animation system which supports animations states and motion blending. This means that when the fish accelerates the animations are blended smoothly:

And it also uses our new steering system. It consists of a set of modules which can be configured and combined depending on what kind of monster needs to be simulated. This way every monster will have it’s own personal algorithms.

space 2015-09-22 09-42-32-986

space 2015-09-22 09-41-45-476

The editor you see at the beginning of the animation is our new in game editor. In later versions we will make it available to the modders.

space 2015-09-22 09-44-13-801

So what is next? You see that the fish has currently only one type of behavior. We plan to change this by implementing a goal driven AI.