Development Blog #6

Hello and welcome back. In the last days we updated the gameplay.

The first thing was the combat system. Precisely we wanted to give the player more feedback, when he hits a monster. In the current release it is only via a sound and this does not work corretly as there is a bug in the sound system. So essential there is no feedback when the player hits a monster. Sorry for this!

Audio feedback

So now we added audio feedback when you hit a monster. We also corrected the sounds when you only hit air. Then we also corrected a bug which moved the hand in a „unnatural“ position.

Physical feedback

We also added code which pushes a monster back when you hit it. This is dependend on the damage and on the mass of the monster. We also added an upper limit for the impulse. In the first tests small spiders where blown though the landscape by one hit.

Particle effects

And we also added a simple particle effect when a monster is hit. But enough of the words here is how it looks like:

Combat system

And we also made it so that when the health bar is displayed you will hit the monsters when you beat it with a stick. In the current version the system will shot random rays and tries to imitate so the movement of the stick. This did not work very well so we removed it.

Health Regeneration

Health regeneration was only added because of the lack of medi packs. So we made the regeneration now much slower and added bread and health portions which can be used to heal yourself. This means we added another survival element to the game. Before exploring the landscape it is necessary to craft something which will allow you to regenerate your health.

And you can now use the new camp fire to „craft“ meat our of raw meat!

And we also made a video which shows the new gui: