Welcome to the homepage of StaudSoft. Here I am presenting my software products.

Synthetic World: An open world game.

Rapid Painter: A combination of a vector and raster graphics program. Create Textures, Designs, Webgraphics, ... whatever you like.



Prerelease v0.2: Furniture and Weapons - StaudSoft's Synthetic World

Hey I added a lot of stuff. I have now a construction table, boxes, chest, lamps, torches and for the lazy a bed. And of course I added weapons. And the entities are already working: Construction Table: Used to construct basic...[more]


Multi Material Interface - StaudSoft's Synthetic World

I added a multi material interface to my game. This means that every base material can have an (nearly) unlimited number of additional materials. As an example I placed a lot of new materials on the ground. And additionally I...[more]


New Water Rendering System – StaudSoft's Synthetic World

In this news I want to present you my new water rendering system. It reflects the sky und simulates refraction if you look through the water surface. [more]

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Amazing day-night cycle - StaudSoft's Synthetic World

I added a day-night cycle to my game with realistic sun position and dynamic shadows.[more]

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Cascaded Shadow Maps in action!

As promised I implemented cascaded shadow maps in my game.[more]

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New Deferred Renderer and Physics Engine - StaudSoft's Synthetic World

Hey I only wanted to present you my new deferred renderer. Enjoy![more]

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Building a house in StaudSoft's Synthetic World

This is an example of a house which was built with StaudSoft's Synthetic World 0.1.1.[more]

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